Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 June 2009: Keegan

The BBC, along with Sky Sports News and the rest, are reporting on the story that Kevin Keegan has been approached by the Pinnacle consortium with a view to becoming the next Saints manager.

Pinnacle aren't yet in charge - speculation is that Friday is the day things will be announced - but the Keegan rumour has been around on the Saints forums on the internet for about a week now. The media interest appears to be based on some fuzzy security camera footage showing Keegan meeting with Matt Le Tissier and Leon Crouch, although not at the same time.

The most interesting development here is not what they're saying but what they're implying: in particular the line "Crouch's Pinnacle group..." implies that Leon Crouch, former board member and the one who personally paid the staff wages in May to keep Saints afloat, is involved - and heavily so - with the consortium. This we did not know before, but the wording implies that he is central, and that it is not news that he is involved. I suspect BBC Solent, the source of the info, know a whole lot more than they're letting on, and information is currently just embargoed until Friday - and this snippet just slipped out because to them, it's not news.

There was another wild rumour yesterday that the Mr Big Money (whoever he (or possibly even she) may be) had pulled out at the last minute, but that seems to have been trumped by the Crouch/Keegan story. Roll on Friday.

Oh, hang on, that's tomorrow isn't it? Hold your breath...

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