Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 June 2009: Flood

A photo of the flood in downtown Kokomo last night (click to view a bigger version).

Sadly, not caused by an earthquake or anything exciting like that - simply that a water main had burst and, according to the City Engineer (in an exclusive interview with your headline news reporter) (that's me, btw), only the tarmac on the road was keeping it from going sixty feet up in the air. They tried shutting off different valves to see if they could stop it, but out it poured, going for well over an hour by the time we got bored and left.

What caused it? Hard to say. Options appear to be:
1. Andy Murray's tennis match going into a fifth set (these two events coincided pretty much exactly).
2. The water main expressing frustration at lack of progress with the Saints takeover. (Rumours of 2pm Press Conference today prove unfounded).
3. Overexcitement at having "Starship featuring Mickey Thomas" playing load 80's cheese-pop outside our front door on Saturday night.

This last seems the most likely. A pretty big crowd turned up to see this particular incarnation of Jefferson-[insert flying device here], running through a collection of songs that almost all seemed to be from my 1991 album "Starship - Greatest Hits (10 years and change 1979-1991)" (that'll be twelve years then).

Yes, I have one of their CDs. And yes, I used to listen to it quite a lot. But no, I wouldn't pay money to go and see them, and I wouldn't travel to go and see them, probably not even if they were playing in the park down the road. BUT when they come and play a free conference right outside our front door (we went to check the mail and found ourselves being asked if we had a backstage pass) what can you do but look out the window, sing along with 'Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now' and 'We Built This City On Rock And Roll', and hope the cheese didn't slurp in through the front door. So, that was fun, but somehow it seems funny that Mickey Thomas and his session band are reduced to playing free concerts in small industrial towns. After all, according to the song it was San Francisco, not Kokomo, that was built on rock and roll. Quite a comedown.

Anyway, enough rambling, Saints continue to rumour onwards with no official news. Expectation is that if Pinnacle don't close it out today, they won't close it out at all and the Swiss bid will become the favourite.

Makes Andy Murray's tennis match seem quite concise by comparison.

Postscript: Kokomo featured on CNN last Sunday while we were sitting at an airport. They have teletext-style subtitles with automated voice-recognition to pick out the words, which is fine, except nobody thought to put the name 'Kokomo' into the system, leaving the mayor being described in the subtitles as the "Mayor of cocoa mole". Made oi larfff....


Whiskers said...

What no pics of the 'party' outside your apartment for 3 days last weekend? I heard you had over 4000 people show up for your party that covered 4 city blocks....

DuncMcRae said...

Well, there are photos of Mickey Thomas but they're on the other camera. Might put them up later so you can see how old he has become.

Rob said...

Aww... I chose the wrong time to come visit.. I wouldn't have been able to contain myself with that much cheese!