Friday, June 19, 2009

19 June 2009: Calendar II

Those who remember a time when this blog wasn't all Saints might recall an incident with my Dilbert calendar back in March, when I tore off 25 March to reveal 7 May.

Today, fresh back from a quick Chicago visit, I tore off the 'June 17' date to reveal...

7 May.


Next one is 8 May, then 9 May and so on. I'm going to have to rip out 40 days to get to where we actually are now.

Makes the whole Saints thing look positively professional.


Becky said...

'I'd have preferred to call this entry "The Ubiquity of Bacon" but for no good reason I have an unwritten rule of one-word titles where possible.'

Hmm, I notice you are breaking this rule quite a lot lately, so you could have had 'The ubiquity of bacon' back in March after all. I wish you had, it was a great title.

Whiskers said...

NEED more info on 'football'. Will they be able to twist the League into allowing the sale, will the League get its way (which I think they are doing 'blackmail' for $$$-wait pounds).