Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 August 2009: Traffic

So Aviva released a second version of the Argyle advert, as the Argyle official site mentioned back when the first one come out.

Most interesting thing though is the amount of traffic this whole affair has drawn to my humble blog. Why? Because of the entry titled Dietmar Van Nostrilboy. Seems that if you search on that name on, this blog came up for ages at number one, and it has now aligned with putting me in at number two.

And therefore the Feedjit experiment reveals the following typical statistics (click for closer view)...

Weird or what? Anyway, a continuing big hello to all Nostrilboy fans out there, and maybe Argyle should sign him after all. Couldn't do any worse than Rory Fallen so far this season.

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wjlanesr said...

That was kind of weird, but interesting.