Wednesday, August 05, 2009

5 August 2009: Samples

Having made more Lincolnshire sausages, it was time to try them out on the natives. Chilled, sadly, rather than piping hot as they should be served, but nevertheless in came the samples to work so I could see what reaction there would be to the two questions: (1) do you like it and (2) what does it compare with over here in the USA?

Answer to number (1) was generally 'yes' in a variety of tones ranging from bored to enthusiastic, although a few folks said they didn't like sausage generally and as such it wasn't forced on them.

Answer to number (2) varied enormously. Suggestions included:
  • "It's kind of like Italian sausage what with the seasonings."
  • "It's a little like Bratwurst. Nothing like Italian sausage."
  • "Ooh, I can taste the onions. It's like meat with onions."
  • "Hm, it tastes like venison sausage to me. You sure it's not deer meat?"
  • "It reminds me of meatloaf."
  • "Maybe it's a little like venison sausage."
  • "Beef and noodles, that's what it tastes like."
  • "Kind of like a Bratwurst and breakfast sausage mixed. Or maybe Italian sausage and breakfast sausage mixed."
In other words, there's nothing really like it over here. Next thing to do is to take it to the butcher shop who sold us the sausage skins and see if they like it. Who knows, maybe Andy was right and there's a cottage industry in this after all?

On the other hand, Doug sent me a link to his blog and it makes me feel quite ashamed that I'm having anything to do with sausages at all.


Doug said...

Bangers/snags etc are bound to be a bit controversial. I was trying to remember if I'd had anything like what we can get here when I was in Baltimore?

Possibly in Wholefoods?

Whiskers said...

These were great... waiting for you to bring more to work :)