Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 September 2009: Sofia

Hello Bulgaria!

I'm a little curious as to the attention this blog has been getting recently from places as far flung as Vietnam, Jordan, Singapore, Poland and Finland. The stats reveal that not only are these the places people are coming from to read about this increasingly-mistitled AKTing Lark (as well as the usual suspects from Cheltenham, Salford, Redhill, Hemel Hempstead and Southampton), but it seems we've found a Google search that has taken over from Dietmar Van Nostrilboy.

Step up Google search for 'You're Not Signing Anymore' - the all-new popular anti-Chelsea football chant, and guess who's number one on Google when you search for it?

Reminds me of the time someone listed this blog as being an investment advice site due to the fact I linked to Southampton FC's page on the London Stock Exchange.

Footnote: Radio stations send QSL cards to distant listeners. I can't manage that but I'll happily send an email to anyone interested. Comments are open to anyone, O Wise Bulgarian Viewer...

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