Thursday, September 03, 2009

3 September 2009: You're Not Signing Anymore

Read this article from

See that little sentence hidden away in the second-to-last paragraph?

Chelsea are banned from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, for the two next entire and consecutive registration periods following the notification of the present decision.

Sheesh. No more signings for Chelski until 2011. Not even Ali Dia.

They'd better make sure they don't annoy the current team.


Kevin S said...

I'm amazed by the decision, very amused (ha ha! in Chelsea's direction) but certain it will get downgraded to just a fine.

Pretty good news from the doctor in your previous blog post. Hurrah!

Rob said...

Surely they can get around that by signing a player who has already played for them at some point in their career... As they technically wouldn't be a NEW player!

DuncMcRae said...

Interesting point Rob, I reckon that would stand up in court. FIFA have worded it carefully to mean it's not just transfers that are banned, but if someone has no contract with another club (for example, me), they're not allowed to 'register' me as a player either. However, you're right, if they tried to sign Kerry Dixon or Gianfranco Zola again, this wording might well allow that...