Friday, June 26, 2015

21: The Blues Brothers

The funny thing about Blue Brothers is that I didn't particularly like it the first time I saw it. I thought the plot was vague, the cameos were forced and the car chases were over-the-top. But about three years later I still recalled the car chase scene and thought 'I'd quite like to see that again'.

So I did, and realised it's not an actual film in that regard. It's comedy both within the storyline itself and also making fun of the genre of car-chase movies and musical-cameo movies. And it does it with car chases of such incredulity, and musical cameos of such incredible talent, that you just have to enjoy it. From the Nazis to the police chases, from the country-and-western bar in Kokomo (hang on, Kokomo?) to the bizarre actions of Carrie Fisher's character, you sit there and cheer with every scene, and it becomes better the more times you watch it.

I'm told that Dan Aykroyd had never written a movie script prior to this, and he had no clue how to do it. All I can say to that is that maybe more people who don't know how to write movie scripts should be allowed to do so.

Espeically if they're on a mission from God.

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