Thursday, June 18, 2015

27: Gone In 60 Seconds (2000)

So here are the statistics: Dead Poets Society gets an 85% reviewer rating on Rotton Tomatoes, whereas Gone in 60 Seconds gets a mighty 24%. So how is the latter higher than the former on my Top 40 At 40?

Well, here's part of the answer: the audience appreciation on Rotton Tomatoes for Gone in 60 Seconds is 77%, which isn't too shabby. It doesn't match the 92% for Dead Poets Society but it does show you that, in general, your average viewer likes this film a lot more than the critics do. As one reviewer says, "check your brain at the door and enjoy with popcorn".

But for me it's a fun movie, with a few fun car chases (yes it could have done with more), a few confused plot lines (we probably don't need that many characters unless we're going to actually give them something to do) and a fun fun soundtrack. It's almost like watching someone play a computer game where you have a clear task set out for you - in fact I seem to recall there was a mission exactly like this in GTA San Andreas. And watching that is kind of fun.

And then you have Christopher Eccleston in it, and you get major bonus points for that, even if just for the fact that when he falls from a great height and dies at the end of the movie you can say "no it's ok, he's just going to regenerate into David Tennant".

And I'll watch it again, in an instant. Even though I don't particularly like Nicholas Cage, I'll watch it. Even though it's not as deep or thought-provoking as the 'Three Colors' trilogy, I'll watch it.

Because it's fun. And it's my list.

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