Thursday, June 04, 2015

40: Cast Away

How do you know your movie is going to be a hit? Well, when it works despite the main co-star being an anthropomorphised volleyball, you're probably on the right lines (although I note Wilson was not nominated for any Academy Awards in the 'supporting' category). Seriously, a huge percentage of the film is spent with Tom Hanks talking to a punctured ball and yet it becomes not only believable but also emotionally wrenching - you really feel it when Wilson is eventually lost at sea, and I understand that some people did cry in the cinema at that point.

But beyond that the questions it raises - primarily 'how would YOU survive?' make it fascinating viewing on so many levels, from getting drinking water right the way through to tooth problems. The gradual reveal of his time on the island, including why there isn't any more rope, is very carefully handled, and the triumphant crescendo associated with the eventual escape from the island is well-earned. The ending also is just purely believeable: people HAVE moved on, including the Tom Hanks character himself - and what ARE you going to do now, if it's you in that situation?

Not perfect, but intriguing, and just strong enough to keep 'Silent Running' off the Top 40.

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