Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 May 2009: Grown-up

For the UK audience, it was Mother's Day here on Sunday. I know, I know...

As a result, they were giving out carnations at church. Not just to the mums but to all females (or at least all who wanted one). This led to an interesting exchange between myself and one little girl, whom I saw carrying a carnation around to give to her mother.

Me: Is that flower for me?
Little Girl: No, it's for my mommy.
Me: Where's my flower then?
LG: You don't get one.
Me [incredulous]: Why not?!
LG: Because... they're only for grown-ups.

So, it seems I have discovered the secret of eternal youth without even realising it. Still, I wasn't sure whether to be grateful to the little girl or not, as it made me think: sheesh, I'm thirty-four years old - at what point do I qualify as a grown-up?

I'm sure Bob Dylan wrote a song about that once.

Postscript: Can it be that Google is actually a little bit afraid of Wolfram Alpha? This report from ZDNet shows that Google are attempting to rush out something that is still very much in the incubator phase for fear of losing at least some key parts of its searching audience to the more semantically-minded tool of Professor Wolfram. Personally I'm still disappointed with both tools, but maybe it will continue to push the semantic agenda to the point where people start taking it seriously.


wjlanesr said...

Duncan, it's a good thing, and I wouldn't mind a little of the elixer from the fountain of youth as well. If not, then soon I am going to have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Rob said...

Ahh.. I had a similar issue to you Mr Duncan on Saturday, I was looking after some friends' children and one of them asked how old I was. I said '30' and they said that i can't be 30 as i'm not a grown up. Upon inquiring as to why I can't be a grown up the answer was pondered for a second and the response came back that 'OK, you can SORT OF be a grown up, but you can't be a real one until you are married and have children'