Thursday, May 07, 2009

6 May 2009: Phoenix

Well, maybe.

BBC regional news 'South Today' reported that a deal is imminent to save Saints, which is nice because according to last week's Guardian article, Saints should have gone under about two days ago. But they haven't, and rumours persist, and something seems to be happening, and yes one of the consortiums does have the backing - and, possibly, membership - of one Matt Le Tissier, the nearest thing there is to a living legend in the world of the Saints.

So Jeff you'd better get your bid in quickly. I'm thinking ten quid and a couple of Atlanta Braves tickets should do it.

No, hang on. Better leave the Braves tickets out of it, the way the season is going so far.

Postscript: Not much time to write as I'm at the IOUG Oracle conference in Orlando, talking mainly about the Semantic Web and seeing if anyone will listen (looks promising on the back of today's presentation), but I noted a recent comment on one particular blog I wrote in November last year. Thanks, Chris!

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wjlanesr said...

Hmmmm...puts me in a quandry. Not sure I can access ten quid, but I certainly could come up with those Braves Tickets. Oh well...guess I won't be the next CSO (Chief Saints Owner)!