Tuesday, May 19, 2009

19 May 2009: Returning

Just saw a flicking-through-channels news story saying Scrubs will be back on ABC next "season", although not in the autumn. Silly people, they should know when to stop making new ones.

Also saw a clip of what looked like Neil Flynn (Janitor from Scrubs) in a domestic sitcom. Sheesh. He needs to simply get his own improv show, and let him get on with it.

Finally, spent some time today toying with RDFa and Oracle's WCM. Not tying it into Spatial (for a change), but just seeing if it's easy enough to respond to Google's 'Rich Snippets' requirements (it is, but Rich Snippets is, presently at least, rubbish). Learned much more about the FCK editor than Rich Snippets, but overall an interesting exercise.

The question really is, will people start marking up HTML as RDFa just because Google says so? You'd assume yes, but without even FOAF support, you have to ask what the point of it all is.

Postscript: Saints saga drags on, Leon Crouch currently personally keeping the club afloat. One day there'll be some news, and the longer it draws on, the more likely it is that the news will be 'liquidation'.


Becky said...

They should know when to stop flogging a dead horse ... the last couple of series of Scrubs went off the boil noticeably, and I can't really see what else they're going to do with the characters (unless they axe all the main ones pretty quickly and focus on the new interns).

wjlanesr said...

What happened to the saints? I haven't gotten a phone call on my bid yet. I offered five deflated U.S. Dollars and 2 pair of Atlanta Braves tickets, but no word. Maybe someone outbid me. Any news?

DuncMcRae said...

Well, Jeff, it seems news of your bid hit the internet messageboards for Saints fans as there has been some talk of a "mystery overseas bidder" over the last couple of days. South Today, the local BBC TV news, apparently said today that the administrator is feeling positive (about Saints or just because he had a long weekend?) and he will make an announcement in the next 24 hours.

Presumably he will announce that an announcement will soon be forthcoming.

Rumour is that the Matt Le Tiss/Pinnacle bid is out, and Mark Jackson, a local chancer with no money, is apparently the front runner. He failed to raise enough dosh to buy AFC Bournemouth a couple of years ago, and they're much cheaper than Saints.

Oh well, there goes 124 years of history...