Friday, May 29, 2009

29 May 2009: Pinnacle

Breaking news from the Echo - Pinnacle, the group attempting to take over Saints and fronted by Saints legend Matt le Tissier, have produced the funds required to enter a 'period of exclusivity'.

As I understand it, this means that they've paid half a million quid (non-refundable) to be able to talk with the administrator about buying the club, without other annoying people like Sheik Hn'Vac or Barry the Briefcase getting in the way. The period lasts 21 days, and it means that the Saints staff will now finally receive their wages for the month (after being told yesterday that they would not be paid on time this month).

So, finally, some kind of positive progress has been made. I knew wearing my saints shirt to work today would help...


wjlanesr said...

And I might add, you look quite dapper in it as well!

McDougal said...

probably a collectors item soon!

McDougal said...

talking of failing sports teams I extended my 'streak' in baltimore last week - a 3-0 loss to Detroit.

Awesome, still never been to a game and seen them win.


thats quite special.