Friday, June 18, 2010

18 June 2010: James

More worrying, perhaps, was David James' interview afterwards on 5Live.

Interviewer: The manager says the players are putting a lot of pressure on themselves.
David James: Does he? [pause] OK. [silence]


Interviewer: When did you find out that you were playing?
David James: I found out five minutes before we got on the bus. Usual standard.

The interviewer, incidentally, was the ever-excellent Charlotte Nicholl, who once got griped at for being a woman after asking a tough question to Neil Warnock. Not Paxman, but she doesn't let them hide.

Meantime, Graham Taylor says he thinks there's something very wrong in the England camp, but he won't say what it is. And let's face it, he knows a thing or two about rubbish England teams.


Becky S said...

I didn't hear the David James interview, but I think the apparent attitude of the entire England team is pretty piss poor. If they have a problem with the manager, then it is down to senior players to discuss any problems with him in a constructive manner, rather than implying that there's a problem via the media (who aren't exactly shy of blowing things up out of all proportion and making the whole thing worse). There is no excuse or reason that I can think of that could possibly justify last night's performance. I can tolerate us being outplayed, I can even tolerate us playing badly, but playing without any form of passion or desire whatsoever? That's unforgivable, and there are a lot of players last night who on that basis are not fit to wear the shirt.

Doug said...

I think the problem people are having with the team (that the team don't seem to get their heads around) is that they're living many of our dreams, thats why there is so much interest in them, consequently why they're famous and are paid so much... they're doing something that a lot of people would love to do.

So when we see Rooney jogging around, throwing his arms in the air and seemingly not trying - it's an insult, the fans feel anger because the players take them for granted

Rooney's comments about the fans not being loyal because they decided to boo rather than cheer, well that just says it all, he thinks that regardless of how he performs he deserves a round of applause and a hug.

Sorry Wayne, thats not the way it works, his mum no doubt unconditionally loves him but the rest of us are sick of these show ponies under performing then whining that the fans aren't behind them.

And another thing... just what does Joe Cole have to do to get a game?