Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23 June 2010: Brackets

So as the final whistle went on one television, a goal went in on the other.

We had a room of US fans along with me shouting at Rooney on the smaller TV, but we were mostly cordial (mainly as we just had a full English breakfast, so nobody dared complain). I wanted the US to go through, but I didn't want them to win the group. Why? That would mean a second round against quite probably Germany, and if you survive that then it's flippin' Argentina in the quarter-finals. The US meantime face probably Ghana and then Uruguay. I know which 'bracket' I'd rather be in, especially with Argentina in the form they are. On the other side of the draw, I'd have been only concerned about the semi against Brazil.

"Cooking on gas" says a caller on six-o-six. I don't know about that - Milner crossing to Defoe for the only goal, and neither of those are established England players and didn't start the last game. Still, I'll be in Texas on Sunday morning for the nine a.m. game. Maybe Germany will lose this afternoon.

Can't see it happening, can you? Germany... Argentina... it's written in stone, isn't it? The only question is which one we'll lose to on penalties.

Update: Of course it's England v Germany. Now, who's going to miss the penalties this time?


Rob said...

The world has gone football mad... My entire office emptied this afternoon due to footie, but it was ok as 'Rob hates football so he can deal with anything urgent'. I guess it was only fair really as I did wfh a lot during the world snooker champs so I could catch the action.....

I'm surprised there has been no blog post from young master Kevin on the football.

Kevin said...

England-Germany - bring it on, I say! And then bring Argentina on, I say. And then (if they get through) bring Spain on, I say. Hmm, we aren't going to win it are we? 44 years of hurt.

Becky S said...

On another note: Argyle have a new manager then.

P.S. Bye bye, Italy!