Thursday, June 03, 2010

3 June 2010: Nine

Not much time for blogging. But in a curious twist today it appears that Peter Crouch has finally received some kind of credit from the England manager for his somewhat remarkable (why does everyone say 'surprising'?) scoring record for his country.

He has 21 goals in 38 games. Of those 38, he has started 18. In those 18, he has scored 17. Not bad for a man who gets dropped in favour of Heskey on a regular basis.

So what credit has he received? Well, not much, but today Capello revealed the squad numbers for the World Cup, and Crouch got number nine. Doesn't mean anything too much in these days of squad numbers - indeed, I fully expect Crouch to play perhaps one game in the competition and Rooney spend most of the time up on his own, or watching Heskey fall over. But it's something.

Shame Theo didn't make it, but he'll be back... he's just too good. Watching him play for England on the wing (by the way, he's a better centre-forward than winger) and Crouch up front was like watching Saints reserves from a few years ago. All we need is Garry Monk in there and we'd be sorted.

Meantime there are rumours of HMRC launching two legal actions against the Premier League and Football League, one linked directly to the Pompey fiasco and one less directly linked. Maybe Pompey aren't out of the woods yet?

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