Friday, June 25, 2010

25 June 2010: Reid

As Becky points out, managerless relegated Plymouth Argyle have appointed a manager.

Peter Reid, mentioned briefly in this blog a week or so ago, has been brought in. Unlike in 1986, he isn't coming in to play midfield general as a replacement for Bryan Robson, but instead is coming in as only-person-who-didn't-say-no to work alongside 1982 England World Cup star (well, 'player' rather than 'star' I suppose) Paul Mariner and assistant John Carver. Presumably he's happy to work alongside a team already in place?

Reaction from the fans is generally positive - Reid has had success with Sunderland, after all - although his recent history hasn't been so good. (Hint: last time we appointed a manager with that kind of record it didn't work out - his name was Paul Sturrock). Generally, of course, the appointment has been overshadowed by the World Cup, especially with France and Italy going out and one of USA, South Korea, Ghana and Uruguay guaranteed to be in the semis (against Brazil, you'd imagine)... but maybe that's what Argyle need.

Meantime fixtures were released and Argyle's first game of the new League One campaign is against... Saints! Argh! I hate that game - never know who to cheer for, especially when the tackles are flying in. And naturally, being such a high profile game, it's going to be shown live on Sky.

No, seriously, it is.

Saturday August 7th, 12.15pm kick-off at St Mary's. Wonder if ESPN3 will pick it up over here?

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Becky S said...

Someone came over to my desk at work today purely to sing "cheer up, Peter Reid ...". I really don't know how this one's going to go - I've given up second-guessing Argyle, I never get it right. (Well, apart from saying it wasn't likely to be a good thing having Paul Sturrock back for his second stint.) If it works, great; if not, hey ho back to the drawing board.