Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Music: Near Misses 46-50

Continuing the countdown of those that didn't quite make it...

I wish it could be christmas every day - Wizzard: Failed due to lyrical problem brought up by four-year-old Hannah: 'But the snowman DOESN'T bring snow, you make snowmen FROM snow'. Sorry, Roy Wood.

Voice of Truth - Casting Crowns: Inspirational song, not quite enough going on musically, although the lift into the chorus made it a very close run thing.

Flowers in the Rain - The Move: Still not quite sure how this failed to make the list, probably it was too short. Sorry again, Roy Wood.

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves: one of most unrelentingly upbeat songs, didn't quite have enough to challenge The Eurythmics, the Bee Gees or Beethoven however.

Rocking All Over The World - Status Quo: See above. Still if you're feeling down, any of these will lift you remarkably quickly.

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