Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Short List: Best Soft Drinks

Before we head into the final five on the music list, it's time to return to soft drinks and review the top ten.
10. Orangina - Shake the bottle... in fact when I first had this in France at the age of six, I recall the main attraction was being allowed to shake the bottle prior to opening it. For some reason I wasn't supposed to do that with other soft drinks.

9. Cydrax - Another childhood memory that probably isn't as great as I remember, but since they stopped making it there's no way to tell. If you were really lucky they'd sometimes have 'Peardrax' in stock which was even better.

8. Dr Pepper - I can't stand the stuff but it makes my wife happy, so it makes me happy, hence it's in the list. The 'Dublin' variety, recently banned following legal action over trademarks, is likely to score highest on the 'happy' index.

7. Appletise(r) - Both before and after they added the 'r' at the end this is a winner every time. I once tried making it by sticking apple juice in a Soda Stream machine. Don't try that.

6. Fresca - Coca-Cola company product that comes in 'grapefruit' or 'peach' flavours. Add real grapefruit to the grapefruit version. It's an experience.

5. IBC Root Beer - Root beer that only comes in a glass bottle. That's how good it is.

4. Dandelion & Burdock - I still think this is the UK's equivalent of root beer, although the flavours are clearly distinguishable when you do a taste test. One of the favourites to go with Big George's Fish'n'Chips in Southampton.

3. Lime & Tonic - The ultimate in sour drink experience, it's good fun to give it to people who have never had it before and photograph their face as they drink it. Some people do end up liking it.

2. Vimto - The other choice from Big George's, and just occasionally available in the US if you get lucky (or go to Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati). Juicy deliciousness.

1. Sprecher Root Beer (Tap) - Had this one time at a tiny pizza restaurant in Wisconsin. Had bottled version of same brand and was nothing like as good. Frankly amazing to find anything better than IBC but this was astonishing. We're thinking of getting it attached to the water supply for our house.

Honourable Mention
Fanta Fruit Twist - Very sweet but a nice treat when visiting the UK.

Meh list
Coca-Cola - Meh
Pepsi - Meh
Sprite - Meh
Fanta - Meh

Now I'm just bored... back to the music tomorrow...


Kevin Sawers said...

Please get that root beer piped in to your house before Bryony and I visit you next! And have you tried blood orange fizzy pop? Mmm...

Anonymous said...

I'm smiling at the idea of apple juice in a sodastream... :)

As, sodastream, could take any favoured soft drink and somehow make a version that tased much worse