Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 July 2009: Cavendish

Update to earlier post: Cavendish fought very hard on an uphill finish, and yet again beat all the rest. Hushovd finished about fifth, meaning Cav gets the Green Jersey back again.

But does he care?

"There's only one thing that matters now," he said in the immediate post-race interview, still out of breath and revealing what seems an increasingly strong scouse accent, "and Paris is in sight."

He wants to win on the Champs Elysees. The Green Jersey is just decoration.


Anonymous said...

The hype is getting quite interesting, I think it'll probably turn counterproductive if it hasn't already.

There was a report in The Times yesterday saying that an anonymous L'Equipe reporter had quoted an anonymous French rider as saying that Cavendish was anti-French and quite racist. I'd have to check exactly what the article said in French but it sounds like the French journalists are tired of doing interviews in English, they probably thought they'd seen the last of that when that troublesome Texan 'retired'.

And at least Greg(oire) Lemond had the decency to have a french sounding name whilst picking Fignon's pockets.

proof that ponytails are bad news.

Anonymous said...

I guess quotes like this don't help much either:

And finally Cavendish has what he calls his “secret weapon”, a second kick that he developed in his years as a track cyclist. “I can't describe how I do it, I just do it,” he says. Has he used it yet this Tour? “No. I haven't been pushed that hard.”