Friday, July 17, 2009

17 July 2009: Pardew

As McDougal reported, Alan Pardew is confirmed as Saints manager.

Fair enough. Good manager for this level of football (third tier in the English game). Unexciting. Will probably get promotion with some good investment.

Means I can stop talking about Saints on this blog since they now seem to be a little more stable than back on April Fool's Day, when the whole thing kicked off. There'll be a few signings before the transfer window closes at the end of August, some of which may be surprising and exciting, and Plymouth Argyle will also look to put some serious moves together as part of their newly-expressed five-year plan to get to the Premiership.

So, what else to talk about? Sausages? Scottish castles? Le Tour? The Semantic Web??

That last one is what this blog was supposed to be about in the first place. Ironic that now, over five years after starting this blog, the blog has developed more than the Semantic Web...

Or has it?

Addendum: Bradley Wright-Phillips has left Saints to join Argyle, news largely buried by the ongoing managerial turmoil and the fact that he's generally regarded as being a rubbish player. Saints fans opined that he'd been seen attempting to take the train down to Plymouth. Apparently he was right there with plenty of time to spare but still somehow managed to miss it.


Kevin S said...

Ha ha, genuine lol at your comment on Bradley W-P. And in the cricket - Go England!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that we didn't make them follow on, I think AS is scared of batting on a day 5 pitch - I also think we'll almost inevitably bat for too long, set a massive target a grab an improbable draw from the jaws of victory.

35 years of disappointment has conditioned me to expect us to do something stupid.

This Australian team are quite poor at times, I thought we made them look good at Cardiff.

As I write we're 50-0 - plemnty of time to get bowled out for 145.