Wednesday, July 08, 2009

8 July 2009: Complete

As reported on this blog yesterday, the deal is now complete.

Sky Sports, the Echo, Solent and the rest are now carrying official statements from the Administrator and the club, which includes the following interesting statement:

Markus Liebherr was attracted to Southampton by a number of qualities which include the Club's rich sporting heritage, loyal fan base, first class stadium and training facilities and the potential for the Saints to regain their rightful place at the higher echelons of English football.

Maybe he thinks he's buying someone else? Anyway, the money is currently being transferred and rumours that he asked to pay for the club using Tesco vouchers are completely unfounded: he's paying in cash money. The only problem might be actually getting the dosh up from the docks to the bank...

Anyway, time to break out the Toblerone. Saints are saved!

Footnote: "Markus Liebherr" count on Google news was up to seven by earlier this morning. As I write this, we're up to forty-one.


McDougal said...

and we have a goalkeeper it would have been a difficult season without one.

who knows they might even get 11 to turn out every week?!?

Kevin S said...

Mark Wotte has been sacked, though, and just a few days after signing a new contract. Not heard any rumours yet about who might be the new managers. Any ideas, Duncan?

Whiskers said...

Save some of the Toblerone to share with me on Monday!!!