Tuesday, July 07, 2009

7 July 2009: Liebherr

That's Markus Liebherr, the new owner of Saints. He's very rich and has bought the club for 12.5 million pounds, or one of Christiano Ronaldo's knees.

He is leaning on a small tank, which is what he used to destroy Rupert Lowe and all his works.

We just have to speak very quietly and don't let on that 'League One' is not actually the top division in English football...

Footnote: As of right now, Google News has zero articles if you search on "Markus Liebherr". Wonder what it will reach in a day or two?

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McDougal said...

nobody seems to know anything about him, its tremendous news that Saints didn't implode (against the odds)

Now I can concentrate on The Ashes