Tuesday, July 07, 2009

7 July 2009: Expectation

Yesterday, today was tomorrow. That means that today, tomorrow is today. So the takeover of Saints should happen today. Right?

Well, actually, maybe yes. The latest Daily Echo report states that today is, most likely, the day and that an announcement should come later. The report also adds what amounts to a disclaimer:

There always remains the chance of last-minute complications but the remaining couple of glitches are expected to be ironed out this morning so that a formal announcement of the club’s new ownership can be made later in the day.

Always the chance of last-minute complications? What, with Saints, where everything runs so smoothly and always to plan?

Update 10.05am eastern: BBC Radio Solent report in their 3pm news bulletin that the deal is "on the brink of being completed", along with news that "all issues have been resolved" and "contracts are now being drawn up". BBC Sport website also reporting the same thing. Expect the SaintsWeb forum to crash.

Update 11.13 eastern: Solent in their 4pm bulletin report that essentially the deal is done and that funds are being transferred, but that transfer may not be complete until tomorrow morning. Nothing new from the Echo or other sources, but as Radio Solent is aimed mainly at listeners over the age of 200, they tend to keep excitement to a minimum and are the least likely of any media to sensationalise a story... still, it's never over until the fat lady sings, as they say...

Update 1.08 eastern: The Echo continues to state other bidders are still in the running, but concede all details have now been ironed out with the Swiss bid. Meantime, Solent's 5.15 sports bulletin featured their Sports Editor reiterating the earlier news, stating that all that remains is for the contracts to be signed and the money transferred. He said that he had thought it might happen this afternoon but it was now more likely to finally happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Should have seen that coming...

Update 1.50pm eastern: Solent just reported that one Markus Liebherr is the money-man behind the takeover. Not his company, nor his family, nor his family's company - doing it himself. Everything on course to complete tomorrow, state Solent.

Update 2.15pm eastern: Daily Echo article states it'll be done tomorrow. Always tomorrow. Always tomorrow. BBC article also updated with details of Markus Liebherr as the name behind the takeover.

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